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Grandma's Wealth Wisdom

Jan 25, 2019

Michael & Matthew are the Grandchildren of Margaret & Mildred. Their parents were born just after World War Two in a time of great prosperity and economic growth.

Both grandchildren lived tightly knitted lives with their Grandparents and both saw a great contrast in how their grandparents’ lived their lives compared to how their parents’ lived - especially when it came down to personal finances.

Matthew has chosen to follow the conventional advice like the majority of Americans, whereas Michael decided to go with his Grandma Margeret’s advice and did things a lot differently.

This subtle change in their beliefs around money was enough to shape their entire lives.

Tune in to find out exactly what happened when both Grandchildren took completely different forks in the road when it came to their personal finance strategy.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

- The powerful drive that ignites human behavior and how to shift negative beliefs to create polar opposite results in your life (6:00)

- Money on your mind: The importance of figuring out your philosophy about money (11:30)

- Grandma was right after all! A practical wealth wisdom secret to long-term wealth and security (12:30)

- An unmistakable sign you’ve been brainwashed with negative money habits and how to quickly replace them with positive ones (15:40)


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