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Grandma's Wealth Wisdom

Oct 19, 2018

Wars have been fought with silver bullets but Civil War history offers little consolidation.

Modern income tax was introduced in 1913 as a tax for the very top earners - irrelevant to most Americans. But in 1942, the script was flipped and the entire nation was mobilized for war, and money was in desperate. And still to this day, the majority of American’s are paying for this war through their income taxes.

Today’s episode is focused on the history of American income tax, and how to factor it into your future financial plans.

The Show Highlights:
- The reality of Grandma’s income tax versus yours now (1:50)
- How politicians are screwing you over (2:40)
- Read my lips: No More Spinach (3:30)
- What the rich really give back to society (5:45)
- How the internal revenue service could be stealing your children's’ money (7:00)
- The real truth about paying for the American Civil War (9:00)
- How to factor in taxes when making future financial plans (13:00)


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